Last updated: December 21, 2018

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Use this operation to log out a user by removing their browser session.
This endpoint required an ID token into id_token_hint. (we accept access_token)

A post_logout_redirect_uri may be specified to redirect the browser after the logout has been performed. Otherwise, the browser is redirected to a sucess page.

The post_logout_redirect_uri must be registred to the client_id include in the ID token. Contact us for add it to your configuration.

LogOut Endpoint

GET https://api-global.decathlon.net/connect/openid/logout

Parameters :
Parameter Description Required
id_token_hint Token of the user to logout Yes
post_logout_redirect_uri Location to redirect to after the logout. URI must match a value configured on cient_id No
state An optional value that is returned as query parameter on the redirect to post_logout_redirect_uri NO


This request initiates a logout and will redirect to the sucess page.
GET https://api-global.decathlon.net/connect/openid/logout?id_token_hint={id_token_hint}

This request initiates a logout and will redirect to the post_logout_redirect_uri page.
GET https://api-global.decathlon.net/connect/openid/logout?id_token_hint={id_token_hint}&post_logout_redirect_uri={post_logout_redirect_uri}&state={state}

HTTP 302 Found Location {post_logout_redirect_uri}&state={state}

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