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Decathlon wants to offer a unique experience for each sport user. To do it we need to know/recognize our sport user: his habits, his wishes, his practices…
We must offer him personalized services. Data is key.
To associate all his data to a unique sport user, it has to exist an identification and a unique entry point common to all the services :
That’s the role of Decathlon Login
Global Process
global process

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How to Implement ?

Authorization Code Flow

The algorithm returns an authorization code and then retrieves tokens:

  • tokens are returned only through the token interface
  • the recovery of an access token is done in two steps:
    • a code is returned by the authorization interface
    • this code is sent by the client to the token interface
  • applies very well to mobile, web and back-end applications

Most implemented algorithm.

Implicit Flow

The algorithm directly returns the tokens.

  • tokens are returned directly by the authorization interface
  • there is no notion of Refresh Token
  • long-lived tokens are not allowed

Algorithm for Javascript type applications, SPA Single Page Application (without back-end).

Usefull Tips !

Refresh your Access Tokens

A Refresh Token is a special kind of token that contains the information required to obtain a new Access Token


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Authentication with API

Why we won't support Resource Owner Password Credentials Flow?

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